Legal Externship: Racial, Social & Economic Justice | L5031

At Denver Law, the required course of study for students seeking to enroll in a legal externship includes a fieldwork component (L5025) and an accompanying for-credit, graded seminar. The Racial, Social, and Economic Justice Externship Program is one of our Specialty Programs. The Racial, Social and Economic Justice Externship Specialty Program brings together students, lawyers, and a range of organizations and agencies that specifically address issues of racial, social, and economic justice within different practice settings and across different issues areas. The program aims to develop a robust and supportive community of students and Supervising Attorneys engaged in this work. Only specific placements, as listed on the Externship Program’s website in the semester prior to when the program is being held, are eligible. The application process for the field placements is generally in October for a Spring placement. The seminar addresses topics specific to this area of advocacy including power-building, messaging, professional ethics, strategy, and more. The seminar also includes self-evaluation and reflective exercises. Students receive a letter grade for the seminar. To enroll, please place yourself on the waitlist for the class, which is listed as L5031 but will have a unique CRN, as listed on the Registrar’s Class Schedules site for the particular semester. Once you have submitted the paperwork required to be enrolled in an externship, the Externship Office will remove you from the waitlist. Students interested in taking the seminar without being enrolled in an appropriate externship may be permitted to register with profession permission, if space allows. For information on enrolling in the fieldwork component, see Externship L5025. Please consult the Legal Externship Program website for more information on enrolling in a legal externship and contact with any questions on this program.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 1
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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