Negotiation and Drafting in an International Business Context | L4182

This course will focus on the basic principles of negotiation and contract drafting, as applied to international business transactions. Special emphasis will be placed on financial and corporate contracts, with a focus on a cross-border merger and acquisition transaction. The class will have three major components. First, we will cover the basic principles of effective contracts negotiation, paying particular attention to issues of cultural understanding and inter-cultural communication. Second, we will cover the basic principles of clear and unambiguous contract drafting and we will study and apply the basic ‘geography’ or building blocks of a cross border merger contract. Finally, we will draft and revise specific documents and agreements necessary to complete a cross border merger transaction. The seminar is taught through a combination of lectures, simulations, and hands-on drafting and negotiation exercises. This class requires extensive writing and team-based negotiations.

Prerequisites: N/A
Credit Hours: 3
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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