Commercial Law Survey | L4131

This course provides an introduction to the concepts and methods of commercial law. As a survey course, it explores the major Articles of the Uniform Commercial Code, namely, Article 2 (Sales), Article 9 (Secured Transactions), Article 3 (Payment Systems), as well as Article 5 (Letters of Credit) and Article 7 (Documents of Title). In addition, the intersection of Article 9 and Bankruptcy Law will be discussed in some depth. The completion of this course will give students a firm footing for any advanced course in commercial law. Students taking only one course in commercial law will, in this course, receive broad exposure to the basics of commercial law.

Prerequisites: Exclusion: Students who have previously taken L4526 Sales and Leases and L4530 Secured Transactions may not take this course.
Credit Hours: 4
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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