Legal Analysis Strategies | L4032

This course provides last semester graduating students with instruction, guidance and feedback to develop foundational skills necessary to achieve success on both the bar exam and in the legal profession as skilled legal analysts. Substantively, the course will primarily focus on core bar exam subjects (constitutional law, contracts, property, evidence, torts and criminal law/procedure) using practical problems in all three examination formats of the bar exam - essays, performance tests, and multiple-choice questions. Initially, the course will provide a diagnostic evaluation of the analytical and communicative strengths using a performance test and multiple-choice questions. Subsequent classes will require submission of written practice exams with follow-up class presentations by students of analytical strategies used to solve hypothetical problems posed in essay questions, performance tests and multiple-choice questions. The course will include a final exam given during the final exam period designed to simulate bar exam protocols.

Prerequisites: Restricted: Enrollment limited to students in their last semester of law school.
Credit Hours: 3

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