Criminal Defense Clinic & Criminal Defense Seminar | L4800/L4801

Clinic: This clinic offers students the opportunity to defend low-income clients charged with various criminal offenses. These offenses include DUI/DDWAI; domestic violence; assault; theft; disturbance; child abuse and neglect; menacing; etc. Students represent their clients in various municipal and county courts in the area. This course requires numerous court appearances for arraignments, pre-trial motions, and sentencing. Students should be prepared for an intense litigation experience in misdemeanor criminal defense. Students will earn 6 out of class for this course and 3 in class credits through the corequisite course L4801, Criminal Defense Clinic Seminar

Seminar: The Criminal Law Clinic Seminar must be taken in conjunction with the Criminal Law Clinic. Class sessions will be devoted to a variety of topics, including classes on lawyering skills, substantive law, issues of lawyering and society, and case review sessions, in which student attorneys will present information about their cases/projects to each other and give and solicit feedback about issues they are confronting in the representation of their clients. The classes include simulation exercises that are critiqued by faculty, and field exercises that involve trips to the Denver jail. Classes are taught by clinical faculty and by guest speakers who include area judges, practitioners, interpreters and other court personnel. Clinic class will be held twice a week for 75 minutes each session. Students will earn 3 in class credits for this course and 6 out of class credits through the corequisite course L4800, Criminal Defense Clinic.

Prerequisites: permission of faculty supervisor.
Credit Hours: 9 (3 in-class credit hours and 6 out-of-class credit hours)

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