Multiculturalism, Race and the Law Seminar | L4446

This course is designed to examine the interstices of cultures, race, identity and the law as manifested in legislation and jurisprudence. Through case law and articles, we will uncover and examine the ways in which legal systems define and promote certain racial and cultural activities, identities, and classifications and discourage others. Some are advanced as legitimate, and deserving of protection, and others not so. These endorsements have a significant impact on the makeup of American society. We see ourselves as a melting pot of cultures and peoples from all over the world, but do our laws really promote this vision? Have our laws evolved to promote racial and cultural harmony, or to discourage it? While most discussion will focus on these issues as they appear in the United States, we will also discuss cases and materials from other nations, including Australia, Canada, India, Israel, Europe and Africa. Race and culture have played a pivotal role in historical and current political events and these will also be examined from a global perspective. There will be no final exam, but written work will be assigned throughout the term, and a final research paper is required.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3

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