Trial Practice II: Motions Practice | L4634

In this class, students learn how to present and argue pre-trial motions. These motions include motions from civil practice (motion for preliminary injunction, motion to dismiss, motion for summary judgment, etc.) criminal practice (motion to suppress, Rule 35 (c), etc.) and evidentiary motions (Rules 403, 404, and 405.) In addition, the course covers both legal and evidentiary motions in limine. Each student is asked to prepare, present, and argue a motion, as well as decide motions presented by others after making appropriate findings of fact and conclusions of law. Because a number of the motions involve the presentation of witnesses and appropriate case and statutory law, students learn trial skills, as well as refresh their knowledge of criminal and civil procedure, and the rules of evidence. Students will not be asked to draft motions or prepare written briefs.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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