Race, Class and Reproductive Justice | L4378

This course examines how the legal regulation of human reproduction affects women of different race and class statuses, resulting in a two-tiered system of reproductive rights in the United States. It covers not only the constitutional jurisprudence since Roe v. Wade, but a variety of other topics, including: access to contraception; abortion protests and the First Amendment; the criminal prosecution of pregnant women under feticide and “personhood” laws; wrongful birth and selective abortion; reproduction and incarceration; and reproductive issues relevant to LGBTs. The seminar is designed to improve students’ practice skills in addition to conveying substantive knowledge about the course topic. It will include at least three simulated exercises, intended to provide experience in ethical and professional role issues, written and oral advocacy, client communication, and statutory analysis. There will also probably be a short “thought” paper based on the readings and class discussions.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 2-3

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