Externship | L5025

At Denver Law, the required course of study for students seeking to enroll in a legal externship includes a fieldwork component (L5025) and an accompanying for-credit, graded seminar (L5031, with different CRN numbers depending on the seminar). This is the course listing for the fieldwork component.

Legal externships are designed to allow students the opportunity to gain monitored work experience in placements outside of the law school. Example placements include judicial chambers, public defender’s offices, prosecutor’s offices, government agencies, private firms, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

To earn credit and a grade of “pass” for this fieldwork component of an externship, students must complete their hours at the placement under the supervision of an approved attorney and must complete a series of reflective-based assignments throughout the semester under the supervision of externship faculty. Students earn a letter grade for the accompanying externship seminar, which is taught by a faculty member and generally corresponds to the rotation/placement type of the externship and addresses topics specific to that rotation/placement type.

To enroll for the fieldwork component of the externship, waitlist for this course (L5025) and register for the number of field credits desired. Once you have submitted the paperwork required to be enrolled in an externship, the Externship Office will remove you from the waitlist.

Please note: You may complete an externship for 2 to 6 field credits. Each credit corresponds to 50 hours of work and thus you can work from 100 hours to 300 hours. Externships for 5 or 6 field credits (250-300 hours) or externships more than 60 miles from Denver Law require externship faculty approval. Email externships@law.du.edu to secure the required pre-approval.

Please consult the Legal Externship Program website to search for pre-approved externship placements in our database and find more information on enrollment and requirements. Contact externships@law.du.edu with any questions.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 2 to 6
ULW: This course does not satisfy the Upper Level Writing requirement (ULW)

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