Native American Tribes and Federal Law | L4300

This course introduces the legal relationship between Native American tribes and the federal government This body of law, consisting of hundreds of treaties and Presidential executive orders, thousands of Congressional statutes, and tens of thousands of reported court decisions, is also known as Federal Indian Law. The course explores the legal development of Native American tribal sovereignty and self-determination from the British Crown to the present day, including tribes’ rights to land and natural resources; the federal government’s trust responsibility to tribes; tribe’s inherent powers of self-government; modern civil and criminal jurisdiction; the relationship of tribes to state and local governments; the federal government’s legal obligation to consult with tribal leaders on decision-making by executive branch departments and agencies, including with respect to cultural resource protectoin; and the legal and political status and civil rights of individual Native Americans and Alaska Natives in the federal constitutional system.

Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3

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