Advance Assignments - Summer 2022

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Professor Galvin & Strand Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Please see the attached for the advance assignment

Advance Assignment

Professor Moore Legal Profession I. Please read the following in the book:
1. INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE STRUCTURE; TERMINOLOGY; AND OVERARCHING COMMENTS; AND SOME GUIDING PRINCIPLES FROM THE COLORADO SUPREME COURT. Introduction, Definitions and Rules of Professional Conduct (AMPC 1-18). Preamble to Chapters 18 to 20 - Rules Governing the Practice of Law (Colorado);
2. COMPETENCE Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1 (AMPC 19-30);
3. DILIGENCE - Rule of Professional Conduct 1.3 (AMPC 49-56);
4. PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS  Rule of Professional Conduct 1.18 (AMPC 307-316);
5. ADVISOR  Rule of Professional Conduct 2.1. (AMPC 317-324);
6. ABA Formal Opinion 491/Colorado Ethics Opinion 113 (available online).

II. The syllabus and class description will be on the Canvas page by Monday 5/23. After 5/23, please go onto the class Canvas page and check for announcements.

Professor Steinhauser Evidence Students are to read Chapters 1 through 3 for the first class, of their textbook, Evidence, Law and Practice. 05/18/2022