Advance Assignments

Advance Assignments - Spring 2020

ProfessorCourse NameAssignments and Documents Date Posted
Professor Anderson Lawyering Process II (1C, 1D)

Assignment for First Class

Professor Andre Environmental Litigation

Assignment for First Class

Professor Beall Media Law For our first class on Jan. 15, 2020, please read pages 3-68 of the casebook for our course, Media Law - Cases & Materials, by Marc A. Franklin, et al., as well as the corresponding pages for the 2019 Update of the casebook. 12/16/2019
Professor Chao Contracts 1) Register for Contracts on Canvas. The Canvas page should be ready on January 7.
2) Register for and activate the Contracts Experience
To activate and access your text you must first register and pay for the text. Please go the The Contracts Experience login page and follow the instructions. Login
3) Please make sure you get Contracts: Making and Doing Deals (5th Ed.) by Epstein, Markell & Ponoroff.
Professor Egan Bioethics and the Law Doglin and Shepherd, Bioethics and the Law
Chapter 1, Law, Medicine and Philosophy
Pages 3-43
Professor Hammond Trusts & Estates 1.        Go on TWEN and sign up for this course (Trusts & Estates);
2.        On the left side of the page you will see tabs beginning with Class Policies;
3.        Download the Class Policies, Syllabus, and the Text/Lecture outline (this is your textbook);
4.        Read and prepare material shown on the Syllabus for January 14 - 16.
Professor Hart Constitutional Law II

Assignment for First Class

Professor Hobbs Colorado Legal History and Practice Please register for the course TWEN site. 12/12/2019
Professor Hobbs & Ryan Water Court Practice Please register for the course TWEN site. 12/12/2019
Professor Jackson Election and Campaign Finance Law Hi all,

Welcome to the class! I've posted the syllabus under Files in Canvas; please let me know if you have problems accessing it.

Please note that theres a shorter reading assignment for the first day of class: pp. 52-66, 72-81 (only notes 1-3, 6) in the coursebook.

If you have any questions about logistics, please feel free to get in touch by email at [email protected] I'm looking forward to meeting you all in January!

-Professor Jackson

Professor Johns Legal Analysis Strategies

Assignment for First Class

Professor Jones Oil and Gas Law


Professor Juarez Remedies Please read the following in the casebook (Elaine W. Shoben, William Murray Taub, & Rachel M. Janutis, Remedies: Cases and Problems (Foundation Press 6th ed. 2016) (ISBN 9781634602631):

pp.2-8, 12 (The Problem of the Lottery Winner), and 425-432

Professor Kamin Criminal Law Hello and welcome to criminal law. Can you please do the following in advance of our first meeting on Monday:
1)        Register on the TWEN site for this course. Find the course overview in the course materials tab and look it over.
2)        Please read the this website:
I will be discussing it in our first class, and there will be assigned reading from the casebook for our second class meeting.
Thanks. Im looking forward to meeting you all next week.
Professor Moran Lawyering Process II (2C & 2D) Brilliant Students,

Please go to our spring class on Canvas and have a look at Day 1. The readings for the day are posted there. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Professor Newman Legal Analysis Strategies "        Log-in to Canvas, access the LAS course, and complete the "Pre-Assignment" by Sunday, August 12th.
"        Download and read the course syllabus in the Syllabus section of the Canvas course.
Professor Sanders Employment Law Welcome to Employment Law! Please register for the course TWEN site. I will provide a syllabus during our first class next Monday. In advance of class, please read the following from our casebook, Employment Law: Private Ordering and Its Limitations: Introduction "Private Ordering and Its Limitations" pages xxv-xxviii; Introduction to Part II pages 81-82; Pugh v. Sees Candies, Inc. and notes 1, 3 and 4 following, pages 110-114. 01/07/2020
Professor Sousa Bankruptcy Law Out-of-Court Creditor Remedies
Casebook, pages 1-49 (carefully read the explanatory material; you can skip the cases)
Professor Sousa Secured Transactions 1/13 (Monday) and 1/15 (Wednesday): Introduction to Debtor-Creditor Law and Article 9
Casebook reading: pgs. 1-13
UCC sections: 1-102, 1-201(b)(9); 1-201(b)(13); 1-201(b)(23); 1-201(b)(27); 1-201(b)(35); 9-102(a)(12); 9-102(a)(28); 9-102(a)(59); 9-102(a)(73); 9-102(a)(74)
Professor Taylor, Celia Contracts


Professor Thomson Lawyering Process II (1A and 1B) Read Thomson, Chapter 11 for Monday, January 13th. 01/10/2020
Professor Thomson Discovery Practicum Read:
Thomson, Skills & Values: Discovery Practice - Introduction and Chapter 1.
Professor Vigil Legal Profession

Assignment for First Class

Professor Williams Federal Public Lands Law First Class January 14, 2020 - NO CLASS but please read pages 1-5 and 17-36 in the assigned text, Federal Public Land and Resources Law 7th edition. Please sign up for the TWEN page for the class.

Second Class January 16, 2020 - Read pages 45-58 in Federal Public Land and Resources Law 7th edition, and be prepared to discuss the assigned readings for the first and second class.

The readings for these assignments are also posted on TWEN.

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