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Public Interest Practicum - Denver Law Pro Bono Research Project

Student's Final Report


Student's Name
Practicum Supervisor's Names (include all if worked on opportunities with different attorneys)
Organization/Firm Names (include all if worked on opportunities with attorneys from different organizations/firms)

Please complete this Final Report as follows:

  • Answer the questions below honestly and completely.
  • The Practicum Student is responsible for ensuring that this completed Final Report is submitted no later than two weeks after the student has completed all of the work he or she intends to do within the Denver Law Pro Bono Research Project.
  • An anonymous copy of this Final Report will be available to interested future Pro Bono Research Project students and supervisors to view unless you direct the Public Interest Office otherwise.

Goals of the Public Service Requirement are to:

  • Educate students about their professional responsibilities, particularly their obligation to perform public service work as practicing attorneys
  • Help students develop practical lawyering skills by supervising students in real world work situations and teaching them to integrate the theory and practice of law
  • Raise awareness among students of meaningful career and public service opportunities
  • Develop relationships with members of the legal community

Please respond to the following questions:

1. Please discuss in detail if the Denver Law Pro Bono Research Project has met your expectations, including the nature of the work performed, the learning opportunity provided, and the unique nature of this initiative (e.g. working with for-profit lawyers, flexible scheduling etc.)

2. Please discuss if and how your skills have improved during this experience (examples of skills would include legal research, writing, and analysis, ability to work with others, clarity and organization of written and oral communication).

3. Please describe the method by which and frequency with which you interacted with your supervisor. Discuss whether you consider the training and feedback you received from your supervisor was adequate.

4. Please discuss in what ways, if any, you would modify your experience.

5. Please discuss what you would tell other students about the Denver Law Pro Bono Research Project and whether you would recommend this experience to other students.

6. In your opinion, have the goals of the Public Service Requirement as described above been achieved through this Pro Bono Research Project?   Yes     No
If not, please explain.

7. Please describe opportunities you have had to see or talk about issues of professional responsibility (e.g. competence, confidentiality, conflicts of interest) during your practicum.

8. Did you choose to do this practicum for one academic credit hour or no academic credit?
If for no academic credit, please explain why you chose not to do the practicum for academic credit.

9. If you chose to do this practicum for one academic credit hour, in addition to your practicum work, you are required to have completed the Practicum Online Seminar. Please discuss whether you found this seminar interesting and/or useful and what you liked and/or did not like about it.

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