Pro Bono Research Project

Pro Bono Research Project

Supervisor's Student Performance Evaluation

*Please note: you are required to complete a separate evaluation for each student you work with. If one student works on multiple opportunities, only one evaluation for that student is required.


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Thank you for participating in this project, acting as a supervisor, and contributing your time and expertise to this unique and invaluable learning experience. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine whether the student whom you supervised has satisfied all or at least part of the Public Service Requirement at the Sturm College of Law at University of Denver which requires that every J.D. student complete 50 hours of supervised, uncompensated, law-related public service work.

Goals of the Public Service Requirement are to:

  • Educate students about their professional responsibilities, particularly their obligation to perform public service work as practicing attorneys
  • Help students develop practical lawyering skills by supervising students in real world work situations and teaching them to integrate the theory and practice of law
  • Raise awareness among students of meaningful career and public service opportunities

Please complete this Performance Evaluation of the student as follows:

  • Answer the questions below
  • Review your evaluation with the Practicum Student
  • Submit the evaluation online
  • The student is responsible for ensuring that this evaluation is submitted no later than two weeks after the student has completed the practicum work under your supervision

Please respond to the following questions:

1. Please provide a brief description of the law-related public service work undertaken by the student under your supervision (subject to the limitations of the attorney client privilege).  

2. How many hours of law-related public service work did the student complete under your supervision?

3. Please evaluate the student's work using the following elements and check the appropriate number using the following scale:

1=poor; 2=below average; 3=average; 4=above average; 5=outstanding; n/a=not applicable

Clarity and organization of written communications
Clarity and organization of oral communications
Legal research and analysis
Ability to work with others
Dependability, enthusiasm, attitude
Overall quality and competence of work

I have reviewed this evaluation with the student.

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