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Pro Bono Research Project Database Opportunity Listing

By completing this form, after review by the Public Interest Office, you will be eligible to work with Denver Law students for project opportunities that you post within the Denver Law Pro Bono Research Project Database.

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1. In order to work with a student, you must have been practicing law for at least three years. Please specify the number of years in which you have been practicing (inactive status can be included):  

2. Please check the fields that best describe the main areas of practice (up to 4) to which a student may be exposed:

Administrative Law Domestic Violence Juvenile Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution Education Law Land Use
Appeals Elder Law Legislative/Public Policy
Arts/Entertainment/Sports Law Employment/Labor Law Malpractice
Bankruptcy Law Environmental Law Mediation
Business/Corporate Law Estate Planning Native American Law
Child Advocacy Family Law Personal Injury
Civil/Commercial Litigation Hospitals/Health Care Real Estate/Housing
Class Action Immigration Law Tax
Constitutional Law/Civil Rights Intellectual Property Transportation Law
Criminal Law Defense International Law Women's Rights
Criminal Law Prosecution Judicial Other (specify)

3. Please provide a general description of the student support needed for this project opportunity.

4. Please provide a deadline (specific date or approximate date/week/month), if applicable, for completion of the opportunity.

5. What skills may the student expect to practice? Check as many as apply and add your own categories as appropriate.

Legal Research Writing Negotiation
Client Interviewing/Counseling Trial Advocacy/Litigation Public Speaking
Problem Solving Fact Investigation  
Other (specify)   

6. Please describe how you plan to supervise the student with regard to orientation, guidance, and feedback relating to work.

7. Please select where the student can perform work:
    at your worksite    on campus    both  

    If not at your worksite, could the work be performed outside of normal business hours?       Yes     No

8. If the student will perform the work at your worksite, is the worksite located in a building that meets the Americans with Disabilities guidelines?
    Yes    No    Unknown

9. Are application materials required?
    Yes    No

    If yes, what?      


By completing and signing this form, I understand and agree to the following:

a) To ensure that the work completed by any Denver Law students for the purposes of the Pro Bono Research Project Database under my supervision will only consist of supervised uncompensated law-related pro bono or low fee work.
b) To provide a meaningful learning experience involving professional law-related work to a Denver Law Pro Bono Research Project student under my supervision.
c) To communicate with a student under my supervision to provide feedback, instruction, and guidance on work in an appropriate time frame given the structure of the project.
d) To instruct a student on confidentiality procedures and practices of my work setting and on any other rules of professional responsibility of importance in this setting.
e) To evaluate and resolve potential professional conflicts of interest with each student.
f) That, in addition to engaging in the work, the student will also complete time sheets, an evaluation, and in some cases, reflection essays, all of which will be sent to the Public Interest Office. The student will be instructed to do so in a manner that does not reveal any confidential or identifying information.
g) To complete a student evaluation upon completion of the project, review it with the student, and submit it to the Public Interest Office by the given deadline. Such evaluation will be available for the student to review if he or she chooses to do so.
h) That the Public Interest Office may call me to discuss the project and student progress, or arrange to meet now and again in accordance with the ABA's accreditation standards for law schools.
i) To call the Public Interest Office if I have concerns or questions about the program or a student.
j) Not to compensate a student for work done as part of the Denver Law Pro Bono Research Project Database.
k) Not to bill my clients (if any) for the time a student performs work.
l) To maintain malpractice insurance coverage or confirm that I am immune from liability as a government agency.


By completing and signing this form, and providing information about this opportunity, I understand and agree that it will be posted on Denver Law's website and may be cross-listed with the Denver Bar Association, Metro Volunteer Lawyers, and Colorado Lawyers Committee websites, among other similar sites, and that students may contact me directly about it.

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