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Intellectual Property Law Certificate Petition Form

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Certificate Requirements and Required Courses

  1. A minimum of fifteen (15) semester credits in the standard IP curriculum.
  2. The fifteen semester credits of coursework must include:
    1. Two of the following core courses:
      • Introduction to Intellectual Property (L4310)
      • Copyright Law (L4214)
      • Patent Law (L4096)
      • Trademark Law (L4115)
    2. Two of the following advanced courses:
      • Antitrust and Unfair Competition (L4070)
      • Patent Litigation (L4483)
      • Computer and Internet Law (L4145)
      • Privacy Seminar (L4008)
      • Directed Research
      • Patent Litigation (L4483)
      • Trademark Law (L4112)
      • Patent Office Litigation (L4708)
      • Entertainment Law (L4215)
      • Media Law (L4433)
      • Patent Prosecution (L4707)
      • Protecting Intellectual Property in International Business Transactions (L4700)
    3. Completion of an experiential learning opportunity, through one of the following:
      • Intellectual Property Capstone (L4700)
      • An externship approved by the one of the full time Intellectual Property Law Faculty and coordinated through the Denver Law externship office
      • Another experiential learning opportunity as approved by the Intellectual Property Law Faculty Director. Please specify:

For questions regarding IP Certificate Requirements, contact

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