Alcohol Approval Form

In order to have alcohol at your Law event, please be aware of the follow:

  • Requests must be made no later than two weeks in advance of the event.
  • If any students will attend your event, you must utilize drink tickets (2 drink max per person).
  • Drink tickets, along with a list of current Law students can be obtained by the Student Affair's office. Please note, there are current students under the age of 21. Thus, a student list is important to confirm this information while distributing drink tickets.
  • If your event is over 50 people, you will need to fill out an Alcohol Event Registration Form with Campus Safety.
  • Catering is required when serving alcohol at an event

The University Alcohol Policy can be accessed at the following link:

Organization sponsoring event:
Title of event:
Contact person's first name:
Contact person's last name:
Contact e-mail:
Date(s) of event:
Anticipated attendance:
Percentage of attendees who are Students:
Room/location reserved:
Event time:
Time for which room/location is reserved:
Catering provided by:
Alcohol provided by:
Bartenders/ID check provided by:
Type of alcoholic beverages to be served:
What is the funding source for your alcohol?
Please indicate why alcohol is necessary for the success of your event and reasons that support an exception to the policy.
Is there any additional information the Student Affairs Office should be aware of when considering the presence of alcohol at your event?

By submitting this request, I agree to abide by the University of Denver Sturm College of Law’s Alcohol Policy. I further agree to assume responsibility for cleanup and removal of any garbage at the conclusion of the event. I understand if the room is not left in its original order, the hosting student organization, of which I am a part, may be assessed a fine of up to $100. I further agree to comply with all local and state laws that pertain to alcohol usage and consumption (i.e., open container laws, age restrictions).

Once your request to serve alcohol at your event, work the with Law School’s Director of Events to plan your event.