Dear Students,

To save paper, expedite decisions, ensure effective distribution and maintain complete records, we have created a new online system for most student petitions.

Please note that your petition will not be considered if all of the fields are not complete. Missing information will result in an automatic denial of your petition.

As with paper petitions the online petitions must be approved by the appropriate dean or staff member. The online petition you complete will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate person for approval. This may take 1-2 business days as situations will vary.

As much as we would like to put all petitions online, in some cases this is not possible (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act - FERPA). If you do not see the petition you are looking for in our online system, please visit the forms link on the Registrar's web page.

All petitions on the online system will also continue to be listed the forms link on the Registrar's web page. If you prefer to submit a hard copy of any petition you are welcome to do so. Please note that you will be responsible for making sure all proper signatures are received, and that the paperwork is submitted to the proper department.

Please select the type of petition form you wish to fill out below: