Denver Law Continues to Climb in US News Rankings
Six specialty programs ranked in the top 25 in the U.S.

The new US News & World Report rankings are out, and the University of Denver Sturm College of Law continues to perform well, being ranked at #67 in the country (up one spot from last year, and 13 spots in five years).

Six of our specialty programs were also highly ranked.

  • Our Lawyering Process legal writing program was ranked #7
    (up one spot from last year, and up 12 spots in five years)
  • Our Clinical Program was ranked #14
    (the same as last year, and up 11 spots in five years)
  • Our Advocacy Program was ranked #19
  • Our Environmental Program was ranked #22
  • Our Tax Program was ranked #24
  • Our Part Time Program was ranked #10
    (up two spots from last year, and eight spots in five years)

Denver Law has made enormous strides over the last few years. We have gained 21 spots from seven years ago (when we were ranked #88), and 28 spots from 10 years ago (when we were ranked #95). It is extremely rare for schools to make sustained jumps in the rankings, as we have done. To be consistently ranked so much higher than we were just a few years ago is a remarkable achievement.

There are three additional causes for optimism. First, we have achieved these strides at a time when law schools across the country have been under tremendous pressure to justify their value proposition. We have done so by adopting and implementing a powerful strategic plan, designed to maximize the value of our legal education and ensure that our students are ready to provide value to their clients from the day they graduate.

Second, our Peer Assessment score increased this year. On that measure, we were ranked #53, up 5 spots from last year, and 21 spots from seven years ago. This score, which reflects our reputation among other law schools, is one of the hardest scores to move. Our success in pushing this score reflects the hard work of our nationally-respected faculty scholars, as well as our strong leadership in the experiential learning movement.

Third, we have moved up in the rankings at a time when applications to the nation’s law schools have been falling drastically. Many law schools have "held" their rankings through non-sustainable strategies, such as cutting class size or increasing financial aid without offsetting expense cuts. At Denver Law, we have cut class size and increased financial aid in a fiscally sustainable way, reducing our expense base by approximately 23% over the last few years. This will enable us to continue to focus on the quality of incoming students and to ensure that our class size matches the job market at a time when other schools will likely be forced to reverse course on such initiatives. This makes us optimistic about our ability to compete successfully going forward.

Please join me in congratulating our remarkable faculty and staff on their sustained excellence, which has been recognized in our US News rankings.


Martin J. Katz
Dean and Professor of Law