In my first-year tax class, Professor Mark Vogel kindly offered to prepare personal taxes for us students free of charge. I took him up on that offer and when I was no longer his student, he graciously agreed to again prepare my taxes at no charge. Even after I graduated, he helped me with my taxes without charging after I explained that we had now established a course of conduct to which I wanted to hold him.

Professor Lucy Marsh in Trusts and Estates class asked students to prepare free wills for her contacts who could not afford attorneys and gave us some class credit for this. My client was a young man dying of AIDS who had very little (most people with this disease spend much of their life earnings on treatment). I remember he wanted to leave all of his music: stereo, tapes, and CDs to his partner. It was a wake-up call for me to write a will for someone so young who knew death was around the corner.

Finally, special thanks to the library staff; they let me checkout reserve books overnight because I was in my last few months of pregnancy!

- Sunita Sharma, JD 1997