Favorite classes: tax, employment , labor, and constitutional law. Inspiring professors: Roberto Corrada, Jay (J. Robert, Jr.) Brown, and Julie Nice. Inspiring librarians: Sheila Green for her international hiking adventures. Dearest friends: Allison Lee for her brilliant legal mind and patience. Gordon Allott for his good heart and quiet determination. Kathleen Schomaker for her Renaissance-woman style. Building: classroom seats built for third-graders (way too small for someone who is 6'3" tall). Not enough electrical outlets for those using lap top computers in class. Librarians: the DU law librarians are the best. Everyone was so helpful in tracking down the most esoteric and boring tax research I was looking for when writing articles. Seven years later, I can still call the Reference Desk and get help with finding really odd journal articles.

- Hilary Greer Fikes, JD 1997