I came to the law school in August of 1992. I was not a traditional student because after receiving my library degree from University of Denver in 1968 (specialized in law librarianship), I worked as a law librarian for El Paso County Law Library for 12 years.

Westminster Law Library was my solace: the one familiar place for me in the law school where my former librarian colleagues welcomed me. I continued my association with the law library as a junior partner in Lawyering Process for two years. Since graduation, I have been a staff attorney with Colorado Legal Services and am currently a deputy district attorney with the Salida Office of the District Attorney, Eleventh Judicial District.

I will be forever grateful to the College of Law for supporting me in my law career and to my friends in the law library who continue to graciously answer my pleas for reference help.

- Margaret (Molly) B. Walker, JD 1995