Near the end of April in 1988 I became the manager of the D.U. S.B.A. Bookstore. We were located on the Park Hill Campus in the basement of Foote Hall until the new Denver University Bookstore was built in 1995.

We had three storage rooms--one was used to store used law books the students put on consignment. The fixtures were makeshift although the improvements consisted of window screens to keep the wasps out and a new carpet. The carpet was replaced again after two floods caused by bursting water from the ancient boiler in the boiler room.

For the first year student required book distribution we set up one table for cash and checks and one table for charges upstairs on the first floor of Foote Hall. The books were put into heavy plastic bags which were color-coded for each section and were all sold during one day when each section came in at a specific time. Volunteers would wear the same color identification as the round color dots on the bags for their section. Closing out the registers was a task since we would sell over $200,000.00 worth of books on just that one day!

I cherish the time I spent at the old bookstore. Since it was non-profit we spent about $30,000.00 giving away bar study courses for the most financially strapped students. More money was donated to carpet and furnish the Lowell Thomas atrium and for furniture in part of the Yegge Student Center. When the store was closed in 1995 around $500,000.00 in assets where given to the College of Law and, if I remember correctly, were given to the clinical student law program.

- Jeffrey S. Davis, Bookstore (1988-2003), Copy Center (2004-present)