I came to Denver on January 8th 2003, with only my luggage and an open mind. My first days were crazy: I stayed in a hotel for a couple of weeks, got lost every day in the city, and shed more than 10 pounds on a diet of cereal three times a day (because I didn't know how to cook or where to eat). A month passed quickly. I made all sorts of friends and my life improved. People were very kind to me from the beginning: strangers offered me their assistance and I felt like I was back home. More than a year has passed and now I have my degree. I think it was truly the most exiting, amazing, and productive year of my life. People at DU Law School - from the dean to the librarian - helped to change my life. At the beginning, it was a challenge for me. But now I view daily challenges as a pleasure, a way of living, and the essence of life itself. Thank you, DU, for everything you have given me during the past months and thank you for making me a wiser person.

- Carlos De Romana, L.L.M. (Natural Resources Environmental Law & Policy) 2003