I know that nobody ever says this, but I really loved law school! I was an evening student. I was close to the youngest in my class at age 27. I had such a profound respect for my classmates. So many of them had high level careers and families and managed to do their reading and synthesize the material and speak intelligently about the subjects. There was the rocket scientist, the mother with 5 young children (one of them developmentally disabled), the chemical engineer, the navy captain, the top real estate agent, the doctor, just to name a few! I was single and only volunteered at Legal Aid three days a week! We all knew we were in for a fun journey when on our first day Barbara Greenspahn gave us a glimpse of what our futures' would be. She said, From this day forward, the answer to every question is "It depends". Probably the bes advice.

- Lori Fenton Sharrow, JD 1997