Former Faculty

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199? Robert B. Yegge, MA '58, JD '59, Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law (1960-2006)
2002 James L. Winokur, Professor Emeritus (1971-2004)
2009 Jeremy Weintraub (2009-2010)
Professor James Wallace
1980 Timothy Walker, Emeritus Faculty
Judge Leonard Von Bibra Sutton (r), Class of 1941, Justice of Colorado Supreme Court (1956-1968), Chief Justice (1960-1966)
2009 Ryan Vacca (2009-2010)
Lawrence Tiffany, Professor of Law
Hon. Gregory K. Scott
Hon. Gregory K. Scott
1993 Dean Dennis O. Lynch presents Justice Gregory K. Scott with a faculty and staff farewell gift, Scott's personalized judicial robe lined in red and gold (DU's colors) with the College of Law insignia sewn into it.
1993 Dean Lynch, Justice Gregory K. Scott and Governor Romer celebrate Scott's investiture into the Colorado Supreme Court
???? Frances Hickey Schalow, LLB '43, faculty 1943-1946, 1947-1952, part-time in the 60's (left)
2004 Ann C. Scales, Professor of Law (2008-2012), Associate Professor of Law (2004-2008)
2008 Veronica Rossman, Visiting Lawyering Process Professor (2008-2009)
2000 John H. Reese, Emeritus Professor of Law (1967-2010)
2004 Monica Ramunda, Lawyering Process Professor (2003-2004)
2002 Professor Emeritus Edward E. Pringle
2004 Bruce M. Price, Assistant Professor of Law (2004-2007)
2000 James Otto, Director of Graduate Studies, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Programs (2003-2007)
2000 Julie A. Nice, Charles W. Delaney, Jr. Professor of Law (1992-present)
2008 Excellence in Teaching Award -- Professor Julie A. Nice. View award ceremony video.
Christopher Munch
2005 Mike Mireles, Assistant Professor of Law (2005-2008)
???? Prof. Thompson G. Marsh speaking with students
???? Prof. Thompson Marsh in faculty meeting
???? Professor Thompson G. Marsh
???? Honorable Robert H. McWilliams, Jr., JD '41, honoring Thompson Marsh at a retirement roast
1993 Celebrating the Life of Thomson G. Marsh
1987 Thompson Marsh chatting with daughter, Lucy, and former Chancellor Dwight Smith
Neil Littlefield
Neil Littlefield
1980 Professor Neil Littlefield
John Phillip Linn
John Phillip Linn
Harry Lawson
2009 Christine Klein (2009-2010)
2006 Kevin Kennedy, Sturm Visiting Professor of International Law (2006-2007)
2003 Dori Kaplan, Lawyering Process Professor (2003-2007)
2009 Chris Jung, Lecturer (2009-2010)
2009 Jamila Jefferson-Jones (2009-2010)
Francis (Frank) Jamison
Francis (Frank) Jamison
2008 Timothy Holbrook, Visiting Professor (2008-2009)
2007 Sandeep Gopalan, Visiting Professor of Law (2007-2008)
2008 Thalia Gonzalez, Visiting Lawyering Process Professor (2008-2009)
2000 J. Wadine Gehrke, Assistant Professor of Law (1989-2010)
2002 Christopher Gehring, Lawyering Process Professor (2001-2004, 2005-2009)
2003 Kate Duba, Lawyering Process Professor (2000-2006)
2004 Visiting Professor Claude d'Estrée (2002-2004)
2003 Edward A. Dauer, Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law (1986-2007)
2000 Stephen J. Cribari, Visiting Professor of Law (1999-2003)
2008 Colin Crawford, Visiting Professor (2008-2009)
2003 Tami Cowden, Lawyering Process Professor (2000-2004)
1994 Alfred J. Coco and wife Joyce enjoy retirement party
1990? Alfred J. Coco, Professor of Law (1972-1994); Law Library Director (1972-1988)
1994 Coco Retires (Law Alumni Magazine; Summer 1994, pg. 12)
1994 Dean Dennis Lynch presents retirement gifts from the faculty and staff to Alfred Coco (1972-1994)
2006 Robert Chang, Sturm Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law (2006-2008)
2009 Michael Chang (2009-2010)
John Carver (left)
2009 Kristina Campbell (2009-2010)
2000 Penelope Bryan, Associate Professor of Law (1990-1999); Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (2007-2009)
Murray Blumenthal
2008 Erik Bluemel, Assistant Professor (2008-2009)
2002 Andrea Bloom, Lawyering Process Professor (2001-2007)
William Altonin
2009 Dan Abraham (2009-2010)


Guide to Abbreviations
JD - Juris Doctor LLB - Bachelor of Laws
LLD - Honorary Doctorate LLM - Masters of Law in Taxation
MSJA - Masters of Science in Judicial Administration
JD replaced LLB in 1962-1963