Lawyering Process

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2007 Suzanna Moran, Lawyering Process Professor (2007-present)
2007 Judge Robert Russell and Judge Richard McManus enjoy the celebration
2007 Jordan Chase, Judge Steven Pelican and Christian Monson chat at the evening reception
2007 LP Director, Professor KK DuVivier welcomes participants to the 8th Annual Judges' Day sponsored by the Lawyering Process program
2007 Blair Kanis accepts the 2006 Hartje Objective Writing Award from Professors Jeff Hartje and Dori Kaplan
2007 Judge Jerry Jones and Judge Diana Terry from the Colordo Court of Appeals join their colleagues at the 2006 Judges' Day reception
2007 Professor Andrea Bloom and Professor John Reese congratulate her student, Cyd Dillard, winner of the Spring 2006 Reese Persuasive Writing Award
2007 "A View From the Bench" presentation by Judge Russell Carparelli, Judge JoAnn Vogt and Judge Jerry Jones of the Colorado Court of Appeals
2007 Reese Award Nominees for 2006
2007 Hartje Award Nominees for 2006
2007 Judge Russell Carparelli, Colorado Court of Appeals, shares lunch with students and Professors Tim Hurley and David Thomson
2007 Susannah Pollvogt, Lawyering Process Professor (2007-2008); Lecturer, AAP Program (2008-present)
2006 Senior Partners who have volunteered for 5 or more years receive a certificate of appreciation. Pictured from left to right: Douglas Brown, Robert Showalter, Howard Pincus, Cathy Cooper and Andy Felser.
2006 Bradley Whitfield receives the 2006 Hartje Objective Writing Award from Prof. Jeff Hartje on Judge's Day.
2006 Lawyering Process Professor Andrea Bloom chats with Senior Partner Andy Felser.
2006 Students and judges interact at the Judge's Day reception. Pictured from left to right: Nora Pincus, Kalin Mittleider, Judge Dianna Roybal and Jennifer Bunch.
2005 Students had the opportunity to hear live oral arguments during Judge's Day 2005. Pictured from left to right: the Hon. Daniel Taubman, the Hon. Sandra Rothenberg and the Hon. Robert Russel of the Colorado Court of Appeals.
2005 A roundtable luncheon in the Forum was enjoyed by everyone during Judge's Day 2005.
2005 Prof. Jeff Hartje presenting the 2004 Hartje Objective Writing Award to Sherri Catalano (Class of 2007), co-winner of the award.
2005 Abe Kean (Class of 2006), winner of the 2004 Reese Persuasive Writing Award, with Prof. John Reese.
2004 Judges' Day -- Writing Award Winners Marixa Frias (Fall 2004 Hartje Award) Tara Dunn, Sara Lewis, Chris Wittenbrink (Spring 2003 Reese Award)
2004 Nantiya Ruan, Lawyering Process Professor (2004-present)
2004 Monica Ramunda, Lawyering Process Professor (2003-2004)
2004 Judges' Day -- Judge Raymond Jones, formerly of COA, now Aurora Municipal Presiding Judge, with students, from left Cadian Baker, Kisha Clements, (unknown) and Kim Clements.
2004 Judges' Day -- COA Judges Loeb, Casebolt, Graham attended lunch, did afternoon panel, heard oa's and attended reception
2003 Andrea Bloom teaching a Lawyering Process class
2003 K.K. DuVivier, Assistant Professor of Law and Director, Lawyering Process Program (2000 - current)
2002 Reese Persuasive Writing Award finalists and winner, Vanessa Miller
2002 Hartje Objective Writing Award finalists and winner, Kelly Murphy, with Dean, Mary Ricketson
2001 Judges' Day: Former CO S. Ct. Justice and Professor Greg Scott, Chief Justice Steve Phillips and Judge Michael Martinez from the 2nd Jud. Dist. & K.K. DuVivier
2001 Judges' Day: Colorado Court of Appeals Judges holding oral argument in the auditorium: Karen Metzger, Leonard Plank and JoAnn Vogt
1996 Prof. Jeffrey Hartje was instrumental in bringing the LP Program to DU. He was the Director from 1990-1993. An award named in his honor, the Hartje Objective Writing Award, is presented each year to students with the best writing papers in the Fall semester of the Lawyering Process course.
1996 Professor John Reese was Director of the LP Program from 1993-1998. An award named in his honor, the Reese Persuasive Writing Award, is presented each year to students with the best writing papers in the Spring semester of the Lawyering Process course.
1996 Lawyering Process Committee: Prof. John Reese, Program Director, Mary Wilder, Director of Legal Writings, Kimberly Shinaberry, Program Coordinator, Catherine Pabich, Library Instructional Coordinator, and Visiting Clinical Professor Cynthia Savage.
1996 The Lawyering Process Course (Law Alumni Magazine; Winter 1996, p. 6)


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MSJA - Masters of Science in Judicial Administration
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