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2004 Poster and t-shirt commemorating the Student Law Office's 100 year anniversary. Poster features Robert Yegge as Uncle Sam.
2003 Tim Hurley, Marcia Levy, Amy Van Vurst
1999 A Heritage of Clinical Training (Law Alumni Magazine; August 1999, p. 6)
1995 Pictured with Mark Hughes (second from left), who is the Senior Attorney of Earthlaw are members of the Natural Resources Program at the College of Law:(l-r) Professors Fred Cheever, Jan Laitos and George (Rock) Pring.
1995 Environmental Law Clinic Director Jay Tutchton
1995 Earthlaw Environmental Law Clinic (Law Alumni Magazine; Summer 1995, p. 8)
1979 Student Law Office - 3 males (black/white from film)
1979 Student Law Office - male and female at a desk (black/white from film)
1979 Student Law Office sign (black/white from film)
1969 Howard Gelt, DU Law senior advises a local resident at the Urban Center, 221 24th St.
1951 Student Lawyers Try a Real Case (Life Magazine; Sept. 17, 1951)
1904 Robert I. Gregg, leader of DU's Legal Aid Dispensary


Guide to Abbreviations
JD - Juris Doctor LLB - Bachelor of Laws
LLD - Honorary Doctorate LLM - Masters of Law in Taxation
MSJA - Masters of Science in Judicial Administration
JD replaced LLB in 1962-1963