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Students at Student Law Office - year unknown
DU Law School "Wishing Well" for March of Dimes - yr unknown
1930 Students 1930's
1952 Students 1952
1971 2 male students studying
1971? Students, early 1970's, studying in the library
1973 Students in law library
1973 Students during a class
1974 Student with backpack "Law Student Survial Kit" 1974
1977 Students studying at the law library
1977 Male student studying
1977 Female student studying in library - June 14, 1977
1980 Class of students
1980 Class of library students
1989 Law school graduates
2001 Street Law Teacher Mary Seawell instructs North High School Students
2002 2002 graduates of NRELP: ____, Daniel Altikes, Manuel Fumagalli Drago, Ines Vergara, Ranu Sandra Bihari, Prof. Jim Otto, _________, _______, Erin K. Flanagan, and Jaime de Orbegoso
2003 Hillary Hebert and April Jones at an African American Law Students Picnic
2003 Students in class
2003 Students in the Computer Instruction Classroom
2003 Student with wireless laptop computer
2003 Study room with a view
2003 Student using an iMac in the library
2006 Stephanie Becerra and Brandon Saxon (2nd place); Christine Zeman and Amanda Farnsworth (1st place). Winners of the 2006 Moot Court Client Counseling Competition.
2008 "Law student joins city hall" by Chase Squires, DU Today, 1/9/08. Article link. 3L Joe Jefferson won a seat on the Englewood City Council.
2011 1L Evening student, Cara Convery, brings her therapy dog to campus for the PAWS to RELAX program


Guide to Abbreviations
JD - Juris Doctor LLB - Bachelor of Laws
LLD - Honorary Doctorate LLM - Masters of Law in Taxation
MSJA - Masters of Science in Judicial Administration
JD replaced LLB in 1962-1963