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The Summer 2019 Bar Success registration is solely for May 2019 or earlier graduates of the Sturm College of Law. (Winter 2020 registration will be available by October 15, 2019).

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* I will be attending the free Supplemental DU Bar Success Program (May - July 2019).
* I confirm that I am a soon-to-be graduate or graduate of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law (only Alumni are eligible to participate in this program).

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Bar Preparation Plans and Progress
*1. What state are you planning on sitting for the bar exam?
*2. On a scale of 1-5, to what extent do you believe you can control whether you’ll pass your bar exam? (5=I am in the pilot seat; 1=I am sitting in the middle seat at the back of the plane)
*3. Are you a first-time Colorado bar exam taker?
If not, please describe your previous bar exam experiences and/or jurisdictions:
*4. What commercial bar review course are you planning on taking (please be specific)?
   If other, please specify:
*5. Have you reviewed the official instructions for the bar exam in your state?
*6. Have you discussed the bar exam with significant others?
*7. Have you developed a plan to study bar subjects not previously taken prior to your commercial bar review course?
*8. Have you met with individual faculty to diagnose essay writing, multiple-choice, and performance test strategies?
*9. Have you planned to devote approximately 45-60 hours per week post-graduation to bar preparation?
*10. Will you work during the bar exam preparation period?
*11. Did you take and pass the MPRE on the first try?
*12. What are your preferred learning styles (e.g., visual, read-write, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.)?
*13. Are you an online learner or a classroom learner?
Online Learner
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*Please indicate if you have taken and/or are planning to take the following substantive bar exam subjects covered on the Colorado bar exam and evaluate your mastery of the subjects:
Colorado Bar Exam Essay Subjects
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Business Associations (Agency, Partnership, & Corporations)
Federal Civil Procedure
Secured Transactions
Conflict of Laws
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Family Law
Constitutional Law (including individual rights)
Real Property (including Mortgages)
Wills, Estates, & Trusts

Concerns & Comments
Please identify, list, and explain your concerns and comments about the bar exam preparation process and bar exam.  Thank you.
* I understand that in entering my initials below, I electronically acknowledge that I read and accept the following statement: Some materials used in the DU Bar Success Program are copyrighted through the National Conference of Bar Examiners. I understand that all information given in either digital or paper format is confidential and will not be given to other persons by me at any time. I will protect all material given to me during the program and will only print or take ONE copy of each handout and packet handed out either online or during a workshop.
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