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Lisa Hogan, JD'84

Robert H. McWilliams, Jr. Alumni Professionalism Award - 2009

Life-long motto: "Do it Self"

List of things in early life she believed to be inherently wrong: spinach, the Catholic belief in baby limbo, and the fact that girls were not allowed to be altar "boys."

Historic event witnessed firsthand: Installation of Pope John Paul II while living overseas. She donned a nun getup using hotel towels and dark clothing to get good seats up with the clergy.

Age upon entrance to Pitzer College: 17

Not so hidden talents: juggling and disc jockey

Random, not at all related jobs she has held: selling quinella bets at the Commerce City dog track, graveyard shift at a hard surfacing plant, 1-4a.m. radio show in Claremont, errand girl at Cosgrave & Kester, volunteer work at the Denver DA’s office, disc jockey at The Slope Bar at the base of the Winter Park Ski area, ski race gatekeeper

Schools applied to simultaneously: DU Law & Barnum & Bailey’s Circus School in Florida

Law School Talent Show act: juggling law books taped together. During this same act, Dean Emeritus Dan Hoffman’s tie was threatened by fire and the use of a fire extinguisher made for an early intermission.

Cases tried before taking the bar exam: approximately 20

Name of Denver YMCA flying trapeze group: Imperial Flyers

Daughters: Maddie (1990) and Maura (1992)

Community involvement: CO-LABS Board of Directors; Smart Energy Living Alliance (SELA) Board of Directors; CO-Chair of the TiE Sustainable Energy Initiative, Past President of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival Advisory Board, Past Chair of the Rape Assistance and Awareness Program Board, Past Vice President of the Denver Safehouse Board

First associate at Brownstein Hyatt Schreck, LLP to: take maternity leave

Years at Brownstein Hyatt: nearly 20

Number of her bosses she has arranged to become honorary black belts: one, former Denver District Attorney Norm Early

Number of pink flamingos in her law office: 2