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Sheldon Smith, JD'73, LLM'80

Outstanding Alumni Award - 2009

Best Las Vegas memories: Playing with George Burns and Jack Benny at the Flamingo Hotel as a child. Re-marrying Lucy on their 36th wedding anniversary at the Elvis Chapel of Love by Elvis himself. Nearly 50 friends served as witnesses at the blessed occasion and all wore sunglasses. Apparently Elvis took it much more seriously than anybody else.

Practically lived at his high school because he participated in: All City Council, President of the Key Club, President of the National Honor Society, President of the Denver Mayor’s Youth Council, counselor at the Red Cross Leadership Camp, varsity baseball, AZA

Strangest job: during high school, worked in a small factory under the West Colfax viaduct for a company manufacturing drum pads

Met his future wife: in October 1969 when mutual friends paired them together to commiserate over the fact that each of their significant others lived in different cities. The rest is history.

At the hour of his wedding to Lucy, the Rabbi who was to wed them for eternity was: on the golf course. He had put the date down incorrectly on his calendar.

Does his part to promote the traditional attorney stereotype by: playing golf regularly

Years served in the Army: 6

Abandoned plans to attend medical school when he: realized that he was not enamored with pithing frogs or doing quantitative analysis

Favorite law school hangouts: the Lancer Lounge and My Brothers Bar

Children: Adam (October 1974) and Amanda (March 1977)

Focus in tax law shifted to employee benefits when: Mark Vogel asked him to teach the pension and profit sharing class in the DU grad tax program in 1980 as an adjunct professor

Years taught in the DU Law grad tax program: 20+

Denver firms he has practiced with: Davis Graham & Stubbs, Holland & Hart, Holme Roberts & Owen, Deisch & Marion, Smith & Carr, Pryor, Carney & Johnson

Believes the greatest game ever invented is: baseball. Sheldon has played since he was a child and has even attended four Detroit Tiger Fantasy Camps.

At age four: cried when he realized that the former Denver Bears baseball team was not composed of teddy bears dressed in baseball uniforms