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Roberto Corrada

Robert B. Yegge Excellence in Teaching Award - 2009

Birthplace: Casablanca, Morocco near Nouasseur Air Force Base

First time he thought there was room for improvement in learning to motivate students: when first & second grade students were so terrified of the Catholic nuns that they would pee their pants rather than ask for a pass

2nd grade teacher asked Roberto if she and the class could call him: Bob. Roberto declined

After a stint in Labrador, Canada: Roberto became one of the few Puerto Ricans in the world who actively follows and appreciates the game of hockey and is a die-hard DU hockey fan. He even lost one of his front teeth playing hockey while playing hooky from school.

In high school and college he often debated: numerous future law professors and the future governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuno

Was forced to give up his high school paper routes because: his father felt it was leading to poor grades in Algebra. Turns out, Roberto just hated Algebra.

Proposed to wife, Theresa: within one month of beginning to date. They have been married for 17 years and share the exact wedding date of Barack and Michelle Obama – October 3, 1992

Children: Max (1996-2009) and Amelia (1999)

Among his most favorite things: spending time with his children and engaging them in the world around them, burying himself in books, devising creative ways to teach law to his students

Harry Potter midnight release parties attended: 2 - with daughter, Amelia

DU Law courses he has taught: Contracts, Administrative Law, Critical Race Theory, Employment Law, Labor Law

His white board class notes have been said to resemble: a Jackson Pollock painting

Number of Mutinies in his labor law class: zero. Much to Roberto’s disappointment!

Inscription on a birthday cake his Administrative Law students surprised him with: Roberto Rocks