Joyce Sterling

Robert B. Yegge Excellence in Teaching Award - 2012

Joyce Sterling has devoted more than a decade to the study of the legal profession and legal education. A bulk of her research has focused on the problems facing women in legal careers compared to their male counterparts. Her most recent article, “Sticky Floors, Broken Steps, Concrete Ceilings in Legal Careers” appears in University of Texas Journal of Women and the Law. Since 1997, Professor Sterling has been one of the co-principal investigators on the “After the JD” study, the first national, longitudinal study of careers of lawyers in the U.S. The AJD sample is drawn from the population of lawyers admitted to practice in the year 2000. Professor Sterling has been a Visiting Scholar at Stanford Law School (Academic Year 1985-86), visiting professor at University of Cincinnati Law School (Fall 1990) and most recently a Visiting Research Fellow at the American Bar Foundation (Academic Year 2002-2003). Professor Sterling often is called upon to give lectures about gender in the legal profession. These include the keynote address to the NALP Foundation annual meeting (2004), as well as speaking at the LSAC Annual Meeting, Law Access, Association of American Law Schools, and the Law and Society Association. Professor Sterling’s teaching areas include History of American Law, Scientific Evidence, Legal Profession (a course on legal ethics), and Law and Society Seminar.