Susan Ryan

Adjunct Professor

Susan M. Ryan was appointed to be the Water Referee for Division 5 and a District Court Magistrate in the 9th Judicial District in 2016. As the Division 5 Water Referee, she handles water cases in the Colorado River Basin. Referee Ryan routinely consults with the Division Engineer on water court applications, analyzes pending water cases, and issues orders and decrees. Prior to her appointment to the bench, Referee Ryan was a partner at a Denver law firm where her practice focused on water court litigation and judicial clerk for the Honorable Gregory J. Hobbs of the Colorado Supreme Court and the Honorable Russell Carparelli of the Colorado Court of Appeals. She has litigated water cases at all levels of the state and federal courts and has extensive appellate court experience, including in the United States Supreme Court. Referee Ryan received her juris doctor (Order of St. Ives) from the University of Denver and her undergraduate degree from CU-Boulder. While in law school, Referee Ryan served as Editor-in-Chief of the Water Law Review and she now sits on its Advisory Board.

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