Miriam Cherry


Securities Law

Visiting Professor

B.A., Dartmouth College, 1996.
J.D., Harvard Law School, 1999.


After graduation from law school, Cherry clerked for Justice Roderick Ireland of the Massachusetts Supreme Court and Judge Gerald Heaney of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.  Cherry then practiced corporate and securities law with two prominent Boston firms, first in the compliance and drafting area, and then in the investigation of securities fraud.

Professor Cherry has been a faculty member at Saint Louis University Law School since 2010, where she is the Co-Director of the Wefel Center for Employment Law.  She has visited at a number of schools including the University of Georgia and the University of Missouri Law School.  Cherry has been a member of the American Law Institute since 2008.

Research Interests and Publications

Cherry’s research interests include contracts, business law, and employment relationships, the web of contractual relationships that firms have with their investors and customers.  She combines these doctrinal areas with an interest in technology and globalization, which have led her to research the international dimensions of crowdwork with the International Labour Office of the United Nations.  She has written over forty articles that have appeared in the Colorado Law Review, Northwestern Law Review, Minnesota Law Review, Tulane Law Review, Illinois Law Review, and Washington Law Review, among others. 

Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208