Christopher Munch

Munch (1921 – 2008)
Professor Emeritus of Law

Professor 1966 – 1999
Passed away 2008

Professor Emeritus Christopher H. Munch earned a doctor of law degree with honors at the University of Illinois. Professor Munch taught at the College of Law from 1966 to 1999, specializing in contracts, unincorporated association, patents, and trademarks and copyrights, as well as government contracts. He served as DU Law’s associate dean of academic affairs from 1967 through 1980, and has continued to be extremely involved in recruiting women and minorities to DU Law. In 2001, the Chris Munch Summer Institute on Intellectual Property was established at the law school, giving students an opportunity to explore this rapidly growing field. A graduate of University of Illinois College of Law, Munch also attended Washington Jefferson College, The United States Military Academy and Columbia University.

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University of Denver
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