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The Transportation Law Journal is an ideal forum for Transportation Lawyer Association members and prospective authors to publish an article. Some of the benefits of publishing include:

Serving the transportation law community by addressing current developments in the law, sharing your knowledge in specific areas of the transportation industry, and encouraging the exchange of ideas with other professionals, Transportation Lawyer Association members, legislators, and political members;

Working with students on the Transportation Law Journal and thereby fostering interest in the area of law in which you publish or practice law;

Reaching a wide audience, including law schools, universities, law firms, and companies around the United States as well as around the world.

If you are interested in publishing with the Transportation Law Journal, consider the following:

We encourage authors from all the modes of transportation to publish, including topics relating to employment law, international business transactions, commercial law, corporate law, intellectual property law, administrative law, European Union law, and criminal law, just to name a few.

Authors that publish with the Transportation Law Journal receive a complimentary issue and 25 article reprints.

Finally, writing a publishable article is an intellectual challenge that provides a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

In order to expand the scope of the Transportation Law Journal and to encourage scholarly debate, we invite you to submit for publication any articles related to transportation issues. We would be especially interested in articles regarding trucking, maritime, and rail. The Journal regularly publishes articles in the following areas:


Policies for Submission of Articles:

We prefer to receive submissions by email but will also accept submissions through Expresso.

All articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word format as an 8½” x 11”, double-spaced document.

Articles must be a minimum of 20 pages, double-spaced with at least 125 footnotes. For every purported fact, there should be a supporting footnote. Footnote form must comply with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th edition). If material cited is not covered by The Bluebook, cite according to the U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual. We will not publish articles that do not meet these requirements except in extraordinary circumstances.

For each author, please submit a one-paragraph professional biography.

Please prepare a table of contents for the article including all headings and subheadings.

Please submit a 2-3 page summary of the article for placement on The Transportation Law Journal’s World Wide Web page.

Contact Information:

For article or submission inquiries, please email

Transportation Law Journal
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University of Denver
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