Telephone Conferencing Instructions

These instructions are current as of 2/27/2018

The Law School currently has two rooms with a built-in conference phone set up:

  • Room 413, 303-871-6167
  • Room 437, 303-871-6925

We are able to setup a portable conference phone in the following classrooms and seminar rooms:
165, 170, 313, 410, 412, 480F, 499

The phone number for the portable conference phone is: 303-871-6546

To schedule a conference phone setup please contact or AV dept at:

Please note that you may need to use a long distance code for the call. If you have more than one person involved in the conference call then you will need to follow these instructions:

We are using the Telephone Conferencing Features of the University of Denver Zoom Client for setting up a Conference Phone calls with more than one person now.

Please Click Here for instructions on using and setting up the Zoom client on your device.

Please feel free to contact us at: 303-871-6464 or   if you are having issues with setting up the Zoom client on your device.


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