Technology Orientation

Technology Orientation Checklist:

Your Two Accounts

  1. Law School Email – access account and change law school password
  2. PioneerWeb – set preferred email address to law school account
  3. Online Course Materials – most course materials found in Canvas; Student Affairs uses TWEN for various student-related services
  4. Zoom - Zoom uses Single Sign On (SSO); Username is your DU email and password is the same as PioneerWeb; contact to get your DU email address
  5. Laptop Requirement - Law students are required to purchase a laptop that works with our Exam software.
  6. Microsoft Office – download software if needed
  7. Wireless – connect to the law school wireless once on campus
  8. Printers – connect to the printers in the library
  9. Advance Assignments – check page for advance course assignments
  10. Taping Policy – review policy


Law School Email

1. Change your law school password:

Your email address and username is: first initial last name and expected date of graduation followed by ; For example

Your password is: mmddyyyy (Date of birth with four digit year)

2. Check law school email:

3. Email on your Smartphone: find instructions here.

Contact Tim Mitchell with any questions about your law school email account.

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1. Logging in; setting up security question and password:
Username: 87xxxxxxx
Password: mmddyy (Date of birth with two-digit year first time you log in; if you have your password re-set use your four-digit year of birth mmddyyyy)

2. Set your Preferred Email address in PioneerWeb

3. Updating your computer. Students are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of their operating systems, antivirus software (available through PioneerWeb under the resources tab), applications, and data.

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Online Course Materials

Click here for additional information about online course materials.

Canvas (Log in credentials same as PioneerWeb in #2 - above)

  • Call 303.871.4700 to resest your PioneerWeb or Canvas credentials

TWEN (Log in credentials Westlaw OnePass). 

Westlaw OnePass registration keys will be sent out to students at the end of July or early August.  For questions about your Westlaw OnePass registration key, please contact Madeline Cohen.

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Laptop Requirement

Click here for information about the laptop requirement. Please note: Anything not specifically mentioned in this link will not meet the requirement, including chromebooks, Android tablets, iPads and RT versions of Surface tablets.

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Microsoft Office

You can download Microsoft Office for Windows or Microsoft Office for Mac. The license is good for the duration of your coursework at Sturm College of Law. To download this software, log in to your email as described above, click on the gear in the upper right of the screen and follow these instructions.

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NOTE: You must be on campus to connect your computer to the law school wireless.

Connecting Your Laptop, Tablet or Phone to the Wireless Network

Connecting to WiFi at DU as a Guest

  1. From the available WiFi networks, select "DU Guest" if:
    • You are not a student, faculty or staff member at the University and are visiting campus, or
    • You are on campus doing official work for the University of Denver
  2. Read the Terms of Agreement and click the "I Agree" button

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Printers at the law school are located in the library.

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Advance Assignments

Check the Registrar’s page for advance assignments

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Taping Policy

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