Changing Your Preferred Email Address

Each student at the law school receives two separate addresses, an address ending with and an address ending in The address ending in is an alias, not a separate account, meaning that it only forwards email to other accounts. Following the steps below you set your address to forward all emails to your law school address (

  1. Log in to PioneerWeb (Username = 87xxxxxxx; Password = birthdate mmddyy for first time log in (leading zeros in necessary for month and day)
  2. Click on the MyWeb Tab
  3. Expand the MyWeb (Banner Self-Service) menu
  4. Click on Personal Information
  5. Click Update E-mail instructions
  6. Under “Type of Email to Insert” pull-down menu, select “Business e-mail address” from the list
  7. Click Submit
  8. Type in your preferred e-mail address, making sure to check the box that says “Make this your preferred address.”
    preferred email checkbox in Banner
  9. Click Submit
    preferred email image in Banner

If you have any issues setting your preferred email address contact DU IT.

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