Laptop Requirement

Laptop Requriement

All students are required to have a laptop to support their educational experience at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. The Sturm College of Law uses the same minimum specifications as the University of Denver’s undergraduate programs, you can find these specifications here. Many in-class exams use Extegrity Exam4, so it is important that your laptop also meet that software's requirements which you can find hereNote: Anything not specifically mentioned in both previous links will not meet the requirement, this includes chromebooks, Android tablets, iPads and RT versions of Surface tablets.

You are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your operating system, antivirus and applications.

Corporate Laptop Policy

If a corporation owns the laptop computer students will use for classes and on-campus network access at DU, the Sturm College of Law cannot provide technical support. This includes hardware/software installations, hardware/software upgrades, operating system configurations, system failures, network configuration/accessibility (both on campus and off campus) and overall system troubleshooting. This is to protect both the University and the outside corporation. Some corporations lock out non-business uses of the computer or open network access. Any attempt by DU to change those configurations could alter the corporate configuration or cause system instabilities.

A corporate laptop will likely not be able to access network resources at DU.


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