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Student Veterans of America (SVA)
The Student Veterans of America is a group of college-based military veterans, spouses, dependents, and supporters dedicated to assisting military veterans, their families, and their communities. Initial goals include:

  • Assisting student veterans as they make the transition from Service Member, to student. By distributing information, including forms, documents, lists of organizations, and contact information useful for veterans (including disabled veterans) and their families; who are recently released from the military and those new to the college environment.
  • Promoting healthy interactions with fellow veterans and students both on and off campus, by way of social gatherings and community activities.
  • Provide mentorship designed to assist veterans in their transition process.
  • Various veteran outreach activities to provide direct services to veterans’ families, including those deployed and the families who await their return.
  • Facilitate contacts with mental and medical health services for combat veterans and their families.
  • Working to expand the financial resources available to veterans interested in seeking their legal education at Sturm College of Law.


DU SVA Executive Board

President: Craig Turner, USMC

Vice-President: Nick McGraw, USN

Treasurer and Chief of Staff: Martina Chesonis, USAF

Communications Director: Joel Miller, USAF

Part-Time Representative: Jason Carr, USA


Veteran Scholarship Fundraising
Raising funds to assist veterans attending the University of Denver Sturm College of Law is one of the most immediate and vital goals of the SVA and those who support us.

Scholarship funds are a integral part of our veterans’ ability to attend law school. This is most important at DU where even those with the maximum VA funding levels find themselves with heavy out-of-pocket expenses. With the outstanding education, focus on experiential learning, and commitment to public service espoused at Sturm College of Law, we need to foster a large and active veteran presence at the law school.

Our goal is to steadily work toward the creation of a veteran scholarship endowment that will be able to provide a permanent and substantial source of funds to assist in covering the financial deficits and issues veterans face in their pursuit of a legal eduation.

If you would like to donate at any time to either assist the SVA in providing scholarships or create a scholarship of your own at DU Law you may go to the website below to work with the Office of Development.

To donate online:
Go to:
Click on “Give Now”
Under “Designations” select “I’d like to write in my choice”
In the box below for gift area write: “Law School Student Veterans Scholarship Fund”

To donate by mail:
Ensure check memo or letter indicate that the donation is for the:
“Law School Veterans Scholarship Fund”

Mail to:
Office of Development
Attn: Lindsey Bieging
2255 E. Evans Ave., Suite 315
Denver, CO 80208

For questions on donation process contact:
Patti Marks
Senior Director of Development
(303) 871-2263

Again, we thank you.
Your generosity is the foundation for our success.


Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208