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Mission Statement

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the official resource and liaison for the student body in matters involving the school administration, faculty, and student services at University of Denver College of Law. SBA Senators serve on External Committees, which address specific facets of law school operations (such as Curriculum or Admissions), and Internal Committees, which primarily focus on student body issues and events.

The SBA provides leadership for professional and social co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and seeks to enhance the academic atmosphere of the school. This takes many forms: programs whereby students provide academic assistance to one another, guest lectures on timely subjects, forum discussions in a field of law or area of controversy and other areas of interest. Additionally, SBA plans the occasional social events for the student body.

Finally, SBA is also the umbrella student organization on the law school campus. We provide funding, authorization, and guidance for student groups.

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All persons enrolled in the Sturm College of Law are members of the Student Bar Association. Each member of the student body is automatically a member of SBA by virtue of registration in the Sturm College of Law. All members of the SBA pay a Student Activity Fee each term they are enrolled. The fee payment is required to enable the SBA Senate to fulfill its purpose.

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  • All SBA meetings take place via Zoom.
  • The SBA meetings take place on Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM via Zoom.

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Student Bar Association (PDF)
Student Bar Association By-Laws (PDF)
Appendix A: American Bar Association/Law Student Division Charter By-Laws (PDF)
Appendix B: Student Review Board By-Laws (PDF)

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