Student Organizations

Part-Time Professional Student Alliance


  • To create a community space for Part-Time Program students where inquiring minds and passions comingle with resources, experiences, and encouragement of fellow students, faculty, administrators, and members of the Denver Law community, who are committed to championing the academic, extracurricular, and professional development of the Part-Time Program students.
  • To facilitate student gatherings, conversations, and social events to integrate the Part-Time students into campus culture and promote student wellbeing, inclusion, and equity.
  • To act as another agent of Part-Time Program student support, focusing attention on the continuity of academic experience, civic development, and access to law school resources on and off campus, through the provision of a formalized forum for meaningful student input.
  • To create and promote programs of community outreach and involvement that are in conjunction with the needs of the Part-Time Program students.
  • To facilitate weekend programing from the various offices of the Administration of the College of Law in a collective effort along with the Denver Law Student Bar Association to effectively address, allocate, and operate the program with the same understanding of strategy, purpose, and value.
  • To create an open-forum committed to working through complex situations and issues Part-Time Program students face with the determination to create possibilities, instead of limitations.


President: Zoë Williams

Treasurer: Tatum Perez

Co-Directors: Kevin Johnson, Martine Ventello, Alex Leach

1L Representative: Kelly Lotterhos

Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208