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General College of Law Space Policy

The Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver only allows after-hours use of its building by University of Denver students, faculty, and staff.

Additionally, use of the study rooms and classrooms are reserved for College of Law students, faculty, and staff and other programs housed in, or approved in advance by, the Sturm College of Law.

Alcohol Policy

Click here for Alcohol Policy.

Classroom Food Policy

Please see the Sturm College of Law Event Policy.

Food is only allowed in the following 1st floor classrooms of the Ricketson Law building.

Additionally, food can be served during scheduled events held in corridor spaces 120, 140 and 160 on the first floor; 201, 240 and 299 on the 2nd floor; 301, 313, 340 and 399 on the 3rd floor; and 401 and 440 on the 4th floor. Food can also be served in 412, 413 and 499 in accordance with established COL policies governing the use of those specific areas.

Food is not allowed in #165 (Moot Court / 120-person classroom) AT ANY TIME.

Beverages cannot be brought into any classroom, seminar room or study room unless they are in covered containers.

Hosting organizations are responsible for clean-up in classrooms, ensuring that no food trash, including pizza boxes, is left in the room (garbage bags are available in the Student Affairs office).


Student Code of Conduct

Click Here for the Student Code of Conduct


Lactation Room

The SCOL provides a lactation room on the second floor. The lactation room is located in room 247. It has a refrigerator and other amenities. The lactation room is available to students, staff, faculty, and alumni. For access information (accessing the room requires a key code), contact the Student Affairs office in suite 115.

Parental Leave Policy

The SCOL recognizes the challenges faced by new parents attending law school and strives to support new parents in their academic success. All students who anticipate requesting class taping, out-of-sequence examination, assignment due date adjustments, or other accommodations as a result of a birth or adoption of a child should contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Jessica Boynton, as early in the term as possible.

Class taping is available in most classrooms and will be provided when pre-approved by the faculty member . Class notes may be provided as an alternative to class taping. Students requesting taping should meet with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Jessica Boynton and fill out the request form well in advance of their expected taping needs. The standard taping policy and request form may be found online.

Out-of-sequence exams may be available for new parents. To take an out-of-sequence exam, a student must make a timely request, following the standard out-of-sequence examination request process and fill out the online form.

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed in University buildings. Exceptions include animals trained to assist the handicapped or special events where animals are the focus. Pets are not barred from University grounds provided they are leashed and the owner removes any waste matter.

Smoking Policy

The University of Denver is a smoke free campus. Anyone smoking on University property may be reported to Campus Safety and a ticket may be issued for the offense. Please contact Campus Safety or the Student Affairs Office with any questions.

Video Recording or Class Recording Policy

SCOL Class Taping Policy:
To request that a class or event be taped students and student groups must fill out the form below and submit it to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Jessica Boynton, in the Student Affairs Office.

The student or student group must obtain written permission (email OK) from their professor or the presenter to tape the class or event.

Dean Boynton will grant approval to tape classes in extreme situations such as hospitalizations, accidents, deaths in the family, sickness, etc.

  • Family Emergencies
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Maternity / Paternity Leave
  • Religious Holidays
  • Academic Conflict

If approved, the AV Department will do its best to accommodate the request given the current AV schedule at the time of the request.

Taping Request Form

Flyer Posting Policy

Click here for Flyer Posting Policy.

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