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Graduation & Bar Week

Graduation & Bar Week occurs twice a year (once in the fall and once in the spring semester) to provide programming and access to graduation vendors to complete various graduation and bar application tasks - some required, some optional. Please see below for a schedule of the presentations during Fall and Spring Graduation & Bar Week along with information about vendors available for graduation and bar prep. 

Graduation & Bar Week Presentations

Please review the charts below for Spring Graduation & Bar Week for a list of the programming relevant to you as you prepare to graduate and become a licensed attorney. Sessions approved for recording will have links to access the recording available below.

Spring 2021

  Monday, February 15 Tuesday, February 16 Wednesday, February 17 Friday, February 19
12:00-1:00pm (all sessions) Succeeding in your Post-Grad Job Search with the CDO, presented by Gayle Keahey, Assistant Director for Private Sector Opportunities  ZOOM RECORDING HERE:

Acing the Bar Exam: DU Bar Exam Success and Tips from Recent Grads, presented by recent Grads, Professor Newman, and Professor Johns ZOOM RECORDING HERE:

Office of Attorney Regulation: Navigating the Bar Application, presented by Office of Attorney Admissions and CoLAP ZOOM RECORDING HERE:

Federal Loan Repayment & Forgiveness Options, presented by Jennifer Quinn, Director of Student Financial Management ZOOM RECORDING HERE:


Graduation Vendors

Graduation & Bar Week Vendor Tasks:

  1. Graduation Announcements, Thank You Notes, Class Rings & Diploma Frames- Josten's will also provide information about ordering you announcements, thank you cards, class ring and/or law school diploma frame. Diploma frames can additionally be found at the DU Bookstore. Please note that the diploma frame should fit an 11"x14" document. 
  2. Fingerprinting for Colorado Bar Exam. Contact Colorado Fingerprinting or Identigo for fingerprinting services off-campus. These are the only two options approved by the Colorado Legislature. You can no longer get fingerprinting done at a local police department.
  3. Class Composite Individual Photos – All Denver Law students must have their individual photos taken by Bettinger photography in order to be included in the Class of 2021 composite. Failure to have your photo taken at by March 12, 2021 will result in not being included in the annual framed composite.

Bettinger Photography has established a way for students to schedule an appointment online to be photographed at their studio, using the link here: You may also call them directly to schedule an appointment at (303)-733-6076. Bettinger Photography Studio is located at 2431 S. University Blvd, Denver CO 80210.

  1. Photography Rules and Guidelines: To help ensure you have the best headshot possible, we suggest the following:
    1. Wear your hair and make-up as you normally would.
    2. Dress professionally. No hats and no casual attire.
    3. Your clothing choice is most important. We suggest solid colors in medium to dark tones. Avoid white unless it is under a coat or jacket.
    4. We also STRONGLY advise you to avoid light-blue pinstripe shirts and ties. These do not reproduce well on many digital formats and sometimes in print.
    5. Retouching will remove any blemishes and fly away hair, plus soften lines and tone-down shine for your most professional look.
    6. The Student Affairs office may elect to remove any picture from the final composite board that is unprofessional, deemed inappropriate, or may reflect poorly on the University. All pictures on the final composite board must be of the individual graduate. Pictures taken with friends, family, pets, etc. will not be allowed on the final composite board. The Office of Student Affairs will make the final determination as to the composition of the composite board.

***Failure to have your photo taken at by March 12, 2021 will result in not being included in the annual framed composite.***

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