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Building Information

Building Hours and Access

The Ricketson Law Building is open daily from 5:30am – Midnight. Students are not able to access the building outside its operating hours. Students already in the law building before midnight are able to stay, but they must have their Pioneer ID Card with them to display to Campus Safety upon request.

Restroom Inclusiveness and Policies

Rule 81.9 of the Colorado regulations requires that employers permit their employees to use restrooms appropriate to their gender identity rather than their assigned gender at birth without being harassed or questioned. 3 CCR 708-1-81.9 (revised December 15, 2014), available at DORA-DCR/CBON/DORA/1251629367483.

Sturm College of Law community members have the right to determine the most appropriate and safest restroom option for themselves. Both single occupant All-Gender Restrooms and multiple-occupant gender-segregated ("Men" and "Women") restrooms are available for use at Sturm College of Law. Our community members are not required to provide any medical or legal documentation of their gender identity in order to have access to gender-appropriate facilities. In addition, no law school community member is required to use a segregated facility apart from other members because of their gender identity or transgender status.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

There are nine (9) single-user, gender neutral restrooms in the Ricketson Law Building within the Westminster Law Library. Three (3) restrooms are located on each of three floors of the law library against the east end of the library. Two on each floor are specifically designated gender neutral while one is specifically designated for wheelchair accessibility but is also considered gender neutral.

The Westminster Law Library can only be accessed through its main entrance on the 2nd floor. A Pioneer ID Card is required to access the law library. Guests and others without ID cards may knock on the main entrance door to be granted access by library staff. Visit the Westminster Law Library hours webpage to review when the library is open and accessible.

Hydration Stations

There are 12 hydration stations located in the Ricketson Law Building with filtered cold and hot water options. Most are located within law school office or faculty suites. Publicly available hydration stations are located:

  • Law Forum near the Law School Café (1st Floor)
  • Student Lounge (3rd Floor)

Lactation Room

The law school maintains a lactation room for nursing parents on the 2nd floor in Room 247. To gain access to this room, please contact Student Affairs for the lock box code. Visit our Parent Support webpage for more information on the lactation room and other resources for current or expecting parents.

Parking Garage (Lot L and Lot 321)

Lot L is the parking garage attached to the north side of the Ricketson Law Building. Lot 321 is the lot directly beneath the Ricketson Law Building and can only be accessed via westbound Evans Avenue. The law school does not maintain control or monitor these parking areas. Parking Services is solely responsible for issuing permits, citations, and controlling when the lots are used for outside events.

Reflection Room

The Reflection Room is on the 3rd floor next to the Student Lounge and is meant for meditation, reflection, prayer, or rest. This room can be reserved in 30-minute increments using the Study Room Reservation System. The Reflection Room may not be used for academic purposes (i.e., studying).

Smoking Location

University of Denver is a smoke-free campus. Therefore, smoking can only occur off-campus or along City of Denver streets. Law students may smoke along Asbury Avenue on the north side of the Lot L parking Garage or along Evans Avenue to the south of the Ricketson Law Building. Students must not smoke along York Street to the east of the law building or anywhere outside to the west of the law building.

Study Rooms

Study Rooms are available on all floors of the Ricketson Law Building. For additional information and to reserve a Study Room, go to the Study Room Reservation System.

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