Public Service Requirement

Information for Students

You can satisfy the requirement in one of the following ways:Checklist for Volunteer Legal ExperienceVolunteer Opportunities

  1. Registering for, and passing, an externship for credit at a government agency, judicial chambers, or nonprofit organization via the Legal Externship Office, as long as no financial compensation of any kind whether from the employer or outside source was received for the externship.
  2. Registering for, and receiving a grade of C or better, in a clinic via the Student Law Office.
  3. Registering for, and receiving a grade of C or better, in an eligible course. Eligible courses currently include: Homeless Advocacy Seminar, International Criminal Law Practicum, Live Client Lab, Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic Mediation Practicum, Poverty and Low Wage Work in America, Public Interest Lawyering Lab, Trial Practice III: Instructor’s Practicum, Trial Practice III: Mentor’s Practicum, Wills Lab, the Workplace Rights Project Lab, and the Youth Rights Workshop.
  4. Volunteering and engaging in 50 hours of uncompensated legal work under the supervision of a lawyer who has been licensed to practice law for at least three years, at a government agency, judicial chambers, nonprofit organization, or private firm, as long as the work at the firm is pro bono. This is known as a Volunteer Legal Experience. For a non-exhaustive list of opportunities that can count as a Volunteer Legal Experience (not in the externship database), visit the List of Volunteer Legal Experience/Public Good Opportunities.

Generally, you must complete 28 academic credit hours prior to satisfying the requirement. But if you have completed one academic year (day or evening), even if you have not completed 28 academic credit hours, you may satisfy the PSR via option #4 above – a Volunteer Legal Experience.

If you have a particular project or opportunity that you would like to do, or if you are struggling to find an opportunity, please contact Alexi Freeman, Director of Externships & Public Interest Initiatives, at or by phone at 303-871-6788. We are more than happy to meet with you to help you find a suitable and enjoyable placement!

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