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Two central purposes animate the Denver Empirical Justice Institute (DEJI). First, we aim to be a home for advocates (trial and appellate lawyers) to share their knowledge and for aspiring advocates to learn and develop. Second, we endeavor to inform trial and appellate strategy, as well as the rules of law that impact those strategies.

A Home for Advocates and Aspiring Advocates

Being a trial or appellate lawyer (advocate) is a noble calling. Advocates drive change in society. People who want to become trial and appellate lawyers deserve a law school that values these skills, promotes them, and exposes students to the best trial and appellate lawyers in the country. To that end, DEJI serves as a home for some of the most talented advocates in the country, providing opportunity for them to inform our curriculum and to train the next generation of advocates.

A Home for Empirical Research to Inform Practice and Policy

Trial and appellate strategy must be informed by hard data. It must focus on how judges and juries actually function. But historically empirical research primarily has been theoretical. Researchers are just beginning to analyze issues that directly impact advocate’s daily work. Similarly, the rules that govern advocacy must be informed by how judges and jurors actually act, not how some hope they do or think they might. Empirical research and hard data can make fair outcomes more likely. DEJI leads the way in bringing new technology, statistical analysis, and cutting edge research methods to inform our understanding of advocacy, including the work of lawyers, juries and judges.

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If you are an advocate or judge –

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If you are a scholar –

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