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Adjunct Parking Permit

  • Adjunct L Law permits are valid from first day of class in August through August 31 the following year.
  • Adjunct permits are purchased online at July through March. April, May and June permits are sold over-the-counter at the Parking Office at 2130 S. High St.
  • The University normally charges for parking. We request and receive special permission to offer free parking to our SCOL adjuncts. This is a special arrangement and a small token of our appreciation for the time you spend teaching our students.
  • Permits are sold in limited quantities so a space should always be available to park.
  • Lot L is gated 24/7 and requires a DU ID card to raise the gate. ID cards can be obtained at the Pioneer ID Office.
  • After 4 p.m. Monday-Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday, an Adjunct L Law permit is valid in Lot 321 Permit Spaces. There is a sign in front of each space. Parking in a numbered paid meter space or a reserved Dean’s Office space will result in a citation.
  • Access by swiping DU Pioneer ID card.

Purchasing Instructions|

  1. Go to and click the DU Account Login under “Quick Links”
  2. Enter your Employee ID (DU ID) number provided in your confirmation letter and the same password you use to access webCentral. If you have not previously logged into webCentral you will need to go there first to reset your password Your six digit birth date is your temporary password.
  3. Select “Purchase New Permit”
  4. Follow each step through the end of the purchasing process. If your account was set up correctly you will receive a receipt with a permit number at the end. If you are asked for credit card information Parking Services has not received verification for the free permit. Please contact Valerie Campbell for assistance.
  5. A temporary permit will be emailed until the permanent permit is mailed and the DU ID card will be automatically programmed. Please allow 48 hours to program your ID card.

Other parking options
1. Paid Hourly Lots
   a. Cost: $1.50/hour with 3 hour maximum
   b. Exceptions: Lots 301, 314, 320 and 321 can be parked in all day for $8.00 by selecting maximum number of hours.

2. Scratch Permits
   a. Cost: $8.00 from parking office
   b. Valid in any 300-series lot all day, except short-term 30-minute parking meters.

3. Eco-pass
   a. Cost: $59/month
   b. Valid with RTD-bus and light rail services

Parking Instructions
If you arrive on campus BEFORE 4:00 pm your parking permit authorizes you to park only in the structure next to the Ricketson Law Building. You can enter that structure from Asbury Avenue. You will need a Pioneer Card to lift the access gate; obtain this card at the Pioneer Card Office on the lower level of the Driscoll South Building, open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Permit is NOT valid on Yellow Level One of the L structure.

If you arrive on campus AFTER 4:00 pm your parking permit authorizes you to park underneath the Law Building in the parking spaces marked Lot 321 (as noted below. If you park in any other spot than those marked Lot 321, you will be issued a ticket by Parking Services. Access the parking space underneath the law school from Evans Avenue. If there are no spaces available underneath the Law Building you may park in the Lot L structure next to the building, accessible through the gates with a Pioneer Card.


Summer Parking
For summer permits during April, May and June, you will need to go to the Parking Office to pick up your permit (you should not be charged for the pass as the SCOL covers that on your behalf).

Please bring the following with you: License plate number and vehicle information

Parking Office Information
Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.
**Please check the Parking Services website for updates on their summer hours.

Location: Campus Safety Center, 2130 S. High Street, Denver, CO 80208
**Parking Services can be found on the south-west corner of the new Evans Parking Structure, first floor at the east entrance (opposite the Transportation Solutions entrance).

Adjunct Parking Map (under the Law Building)

Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208